The Trubac Plan

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Chris may be new to community leadership, but we believe fresh ideas are exactly what the government needs right now. Even though we live in a beautiful area, we think Ingham County could use a little love.

Below are a few of Chris's priorities as he sets out with a vision for our neighborhoods, businesses and more.


Parks and trails

Local homeowners are paying thousands of dollars to the county for parks and trails funding, yet few communities are getting county assistance in return. It's time for our residents to enjoy a better trails system!


Roads and infrastructure

It's no secret that our roads are in rough shape—you'd be forgiven if you mistook some of our neighborhoods for active war zones. As a county commissioner, Chris Trubac will fight for every scrap of road funding available. 


Public safety

Police and firefighters hold our communities together, but they can't support us if we don't support them. Chris will work with the Ingham County Sheriff's office to make sure our neighborhoods are always protected.

Jobs and development

Holt and Lansing are full of skilled, motivated people ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. By helping small businesses and driving economic development, we can work toward creating stable, great-paying jobs. 

Animal welfare

Since news surfaced that several dogs were starved under the care of the Ingham County Animal Control Shelter, one thing has become clear: the shelter needs more comprehensive oversight. Chris will work to improve monitoring and care procedures within the Animal Control department, ensuring shelter animals are well cared for.